Do you have any notable clients?

  • We've worked with both large corporations and small businesses. From the local dry cleaners to worldwide building suppliers, you can find our handiwork across the globe.

Why choose BCES over the competitor?

  • If the friendly service and money you save isn't enough, all repaired units have our BCES certified sixth month warranty. If anything breaks due to normal wear and tear, we'll cover it. Saving time and money, today and tomorrow, sets us apart.


  • You can reach us at (904)-249-3862, email us at, or send in a contact form (contact us page)

What kind of pricing should I expect?

  • If purchasing new equipment, the prices are guaranteed much lower than MSRP. We implore you to find a lower price anywhere, online or otherwise. Bulk orders and return customers receive their due honor and discounts. There's a reason our customers keep coming back! As for repairs, values are usually set based on time and materials AND INCLUDE OUR SIX MONTH WARRANTY. Consultations are free, so give us a call and we'll work something out together!

Can you tell me what equipment I need?

  • Give us a call at 904-249-3862 or send us an email at anytime for a free consultation. With decades of experience, we'll find exactly what your wallet and projects need. Complete installations are available as well as individual components, and the latest technology offers solutions for even the most intricate needs. There's scanners the size of a matchbook, printers that fit on your belt buckle, headsets that offer live video transmissions for assistance abroad, RFID that can read around corners and through materials, the list goes on. What you need isn't out of reach!

What models do you repair?

  • Almost all makes and models, from printers and handhelds to the latest RFID scanners. Check the bottom of our products page for a list of guaranteed manufacturers. Give us a call if you have any questions!

How do I get in contact?

  • You can reach us at 904-249-3862, send an email to, or just stop by in person!

What kind of business is BCES?

  • Bar Code Equipment Service is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). Many past and present employees are veterans or military affiliates, and while we have great pride in our country and military, we are happy to serve everyone near and far.

What does BCES specialize in?

  • With 20+ years in bar code and point of sale equipment, we have a solid take on just about anything in the field. From scanners to personal data terminals, printers, kiosks and more. We repair, maintain, and supply all things bar coding. No point in buying new equipment for your installation if we can just fix what's broken!

What types of businesses work with BCES?

  • We've worked with the US Air Force in Alaska, military across the nation, and retailers across the globe. You can find our craftsmanship in schools, hospitals, libraries, police and fire stations, the list goes on.

Barcode Service Llc Faq

Barcode Service LLC faq

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Where is Bar Code Equipment Service located?

  • You can find us at 131 10th Avenue North, Jacksonville Beach, Florida 32250. A few blocks down from the beautiful eastern Atlantic Ocean shores.

How long have you been in business?

  • Bar Code Equipment Service was founded in 1992 by the owner Bobby Rose. However, the experience and expertise of our employees extends far before the creation of the business itself.

Can BCES help with my unique project?

  • From military applications to large-scale retail operations, BCES has more than the experience required. We've been there and done that, now it's time to help you! We even offer training courses for employees once installed. With the right software, the right hardware, and the right skill-set, you can get it done and get it done right.

Why bar coding?

  • Our president and founder Bobby had several hard-earned years of experience in the field when he realized the potential it held. 24 years later we still hold that small-business feel and commitment.

Who should I speak with?

  • Our President and Founder, Bobby Rose, handles most relations. We also have technicians on staff for specialized assistance.