Product Types

From Point-of-sale to inventory management, BCES is here for you. We repair and sell all the following, and more.

  • Scan bar multiple tags simultaneously without line of sight

  • Works through whole boxes or pallets with a single click

  • Integrates easily with standard equipment if desired

  • Tags are durable, reusable, hold more data and can be encrypted

  • Read/Write functionality, as opposed to standard read-only

Point-Of-Sale (POS) Kiosk

  • Popular customer and payment processing

  • Additions for your current installation, or whole systems

  • Most arrangements provide displays for employees AND customers

  • Support for cards using chip, magnetic stripe, and e-wallets

  • Can be as simple and compact as a tablet + card reader

In-Counter Scanner

We maintain excellent relations with all the following manufacturers, some of which we are a designated repair center for.

RFID Technology (Radio-Frequency Identification)

  • Mobile, point-of-sale, industrial, and personal models

  • Thermal printing technology available for cost efficiency

  • Designs for every solution and budget

  • Easy integration with systems using readers and kiosks

  • Printers for labels, tags, receipts, wristbands, tickets, etc


Handheld Scanner

  • Reliable, sturdy, and virtually immune to theft

  • Fast and efficient solution for retail, constantly scanning

  • Most models include scales for produce/deli/etc

  • Many sizes and fittings/spacers available

  • Pairs well with a handheld scanner for bulkier items

Portable Data Terminal

  • Powerful, all-in-one tools for inventory

  • Display and full keyboard for data entry

  • Suitable for uses from hospitals to logistics

  • Connect to multiple units and servers over wireless

  • Select models support the advanced RFID platform


  • Simple and easy to use, just point and click

  • Designed for retail, medical, and distribution

  • Robust designs made to last

  • Wired and wireless makes

  • Various models and prices available